Testimonial - Rob from Salt lake city - Loves the Boombandit 

Promotion producer for a television station in Salt Lake City "Fox 13"

First of all, I love the Boombandit!  I feel like I'm showing it off to someone nearly on a weekly basis.  I took it into a local Photography Store here in Salt Lake City and before I knew it, I had it fully extended as I was demonstrating it to three or four of the workers there.  They were very intrigued so I pointed them to your website.

As well as using it with my GoPro/iPhone for personal recreational videos, I'm also a promotion producer for a television station in Salt Lake City "Fox 13" and I've even used it for promotional videos that play over the air.  When I use it for work, I use a light weight DSLR for a little better light gathering capability and quality.

I remembered a video that I did a while back that was shot entirely on the Boombandit.  We like to do fun Social Media stuff with the anchors of our morning newscast.  A few months ago we had a guy on the show that lost a bet to his brother over a basketball shooting game called "PIG".  Being the loser he had to dance on a  busy street corner.  The video went viral so we invited him to come on the show Good Day Utah.  Long story short, when he was on he challenged one of our anchors to the same bet.  The anchor lost and was forced to dance on a street corner.  I shot the whole thing with the Boombandit and a GoPro.  You can even see my shadow with the Boombandit near the end while he's dancing.  

Here it is:

Made In Melbourne


Voted Invention of the Year 2012 by the IAA (Vic) Inventors Association of Australia

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